OH Food Ltd (OH FOOD) is a user-friendly platform to order food in Mauritius. We offer the possibility of ordering food from a variety of restaurants allowing our customers to experience the multicultural culinary aspect of the country without any discomfort.

The platform proposes three main services namely

  1. Order food for client to go and takeaway at an agreed time;
  2. Pre-order food for dine-in at an agreed time; and
  3. Book-a-Table.

OH FOOD’s underlying philosophy is to meet the demands of people who do not have time to lose in queuing, who prefer to order at the comfort of their phone, PC, tablet and people who are in a rush and like to have everything planned. OH FOOD also allows customers to pay online for the food that they purchase.

Fee Structure

OH FOOD encourages all restaurants registered on its platform to provide a 15% discount to all items proposed to clients. This discount applies as a fee to OH FOOD for its business operations.